Medical Outreach

Hope Medical clinics provide different levels of care in order to meet a wide variety of medical conditions. Our medical mission teams have had the opportunity to see and provide care from the definitive to the supportive. We see patients that suffer from minor fevers to those living with AIDS. Our outreach covers the spectrum of conducting vaccination clinics to providing extensive community health education.


Periodic health education classes are offered to the public, covering a variety of topics from managing chronic disease, to diet and fitness.


Classes are taught by local medical professionals. The program also connects clients to other resources, including a library of educational material.

With exceptions for special circumstances, programs are available based on federal poverty guidelines. Please contact us for more information about current class offerings and to determine your qualification status.



Durable Medical equipment is loaned out to qualified individuals as needed and available. Consumable medical supplies are also distributed as needed and can be re-ordered monthly, based on financial need.


Medical Equipment Available (Not limited to)

·       Wheelchairs

·       Walkers

·       Transfer Benches

·       Nebulizers

·       Incontinency Products

·       Wound Care

·       Ostomy Supplies


“He sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.”  Luke 9:2 NKJV


Following the example of Jesus, Hope Medical Missions goes into the world, healing the sick, through the avenue of medicine, but the Gospel is our purpose as we preach the kingdom of God.


Throughout the medical clinics, whether it be during registration, while waiting to see a physician or even during an exam, patients experience the love of Christ.  The message of the gospel is presented, and the Hope team members offer encouraging scriptures and prayer to each person attending the clinics.


 Before receiving medication from the pharmacy, patients have the opportunity to meet with a spiritual counselor to discuss specific prayer requests and spiritual needs.  Local ministers participate in the medical clinics and are available to continually follow up with the patients.



For those with diabetes, syringes and testing supplies are available. This includes blood-glucose monitors, test strips and lancets that are distributed as needed on a monthly basis for prescribed patients. Prescription assistance up to $100 annually is also available for diabetes medications.

Liquid medical nutrition is offered for income-qualified clients who can provide a doctor’s prescription.  Popular “enteral” products include Ensure, Glucerna (for diabetics) and Carnation Instant Breakfast.